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Simple Ideas for Student Projects:

Development of website and web application or mobile application that can be used for access to information or access to healthcare.

The easiest project idea would be to design and implement a website or android app that provides Information related to a particular disease like diabetes, malaria, tuberculosis, obesity, dementia, cancer etc,.

The website or app can give the details of the symptoms, causes, precautions, doctors and hospitals that are capable of attending to particular diseases in any specific geographic location.

Students can also design a website or app that provides information about disease relayed to a particular group of children, women, sportspeople or even information about the healthcare facilities available in a particular geographical location.

In addition, they can review the hospitals and doctors online giving the population a better idea on where to go for treatment for a particular disease.

Article #2

Vivegam Movie Trending

All theatres are house Full for next 1st 3 days from release


Also Vijay fans and ajith fan fights each other. This mersal will release soon. competition is more between mersal and Vivegam. mersal audio lunched last week, its was live in sun tv.

Vivegam director siva is thanks to thala fans and cinema lovers media friends. Also he thanks to Ajith and Vivegam team for Vivegam great success movies.

Vivegam movies some reviews are opposite to thala fans .In Vivegam movie bridge scene is all fans loves. All fans are accepted this movie is next step to ajith carrier.

Vivegam movie script and store is move to speed. lot of ajith fans saw movie in fans show, most reviews are in this store Actor Ajith sir acting and hard world lovable. But sive direction is not good and also Store missing in this movie. Don’t do any movie with siva here after.

Ask to Ajith fan which director your expect direct Ajith movie: AR MURUGADAS

Some Ajith fans are told :we are waiting vivegam – 2 also”

In kerala

Vivegan movie collected 1st day collection 4.2 Cr,

last time Kabali movie collected 1st day collection 4.1Cr

Vivegam movie Review rating here, totally 5771 people voted here.

Article #3

OPS and EPS Joint together, when deepa and Madhavan?


Ops was Came out from ADMK.,EPS became CM of Tamilnadu. Now two team are joined together.

Now TTV Dinagaram separated rom ADMK with 20 support MLAs. Now All MLAs are stay in star hotel, Sa me happen 6month before , All MLAs are stayed at Khuvadthur restart.

Deepa All claim right For ADMK symbol two lever election commission.

Now Deepa plan at party (ADMK J DEEPA) meeting at 28/08/17.

A Vacancy arose in the Legislated assembly o the state o Tamilnadu with Elect rom the 5th December 2016. Due to decide o the member o the house, J.Jayalalitha elected rom 11-Dr Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly constituency & in order to ill ahead vacancy the election commission of India.Deepa try to became the MLA in Rk Nagar, But Election commission cancel the election last day beore election date.

Deepa was entering inside of Veedha Illam on 2 months back; Clime owner for property is Deepa and her brother Deepak. She entering in side the house and remove Sasikala photos and kept J.JAYALATHA photo.

Deepa husband start part name of MJDMK at 21/04/17.Deepa told that Madhavan supports TTV.Dhinakharan.

After Deepa and Madhan was separated. Now EPS and OPS jointed. When Deepa and Madhavan ?

Article #4

Life Cycles of Butterfly

A butterfly laid eggs on the greeneries of a houseplant and forest plant. These eggs small door and young ones twisted larva or caterpillars come out of the eggs

The caterpillar first feeds on the covering from which it is born. It then starts feeding on the leaves and starts to grow.

The caterpillar sheds its spin several times so that it ean grow. Once the caterpillar is big enough it stops eating. It then forms a protection layer around itself. This stage is called chrysalis. In this stage, the caterpillar is now called pupa.

The pupa remains motionless in the chrysalis inside the chrysalis, the pupa undergoes a series of changes. After about 15 days, a beautiful adult butterfly emerges out of the chrysalis. When the butterfly comes out, its wings are small and wet

The butterfly pumps fluids into its wings to make them strong and to expand .After a few hours the wings become strong enough and the butterfly is able to fly .