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Vivegam Movie Negative Review, But Collection Not Negative

The criticism of those films has been negative and the same level of collection and service continues to be continued despite the release of every big actor. The situation has also come to 'Vivegam'. Many of the social networks are being criticized for two days ago.

An actor like Ajith, who has a big fan of the crowd, has acted in a film which does not have’logic’, while the 'punch' dialogues are talking about when the enemies are surrounded and killed. Moreover, many criticisms of the film have been raised as a controversy in the film industry.

Without any analysis of a film, the filmmakers are strongly opposed to some who criticize themselves as critics. But there is also allegation that some of these people are supported and supported by the filmmakers.

However, some say that the 'Vivegam' film has collected more than Rs 50 crore in the first two days despite the criticism. The movie 'Vabhayam' is the second place in many aerials in the film 'Kabbali'.

Neutral people are suspicious of the fact that these collections are released with no source of official reporting. If the film's producer or distributors say, the real success of the film will be revealed.

The distributors of the film announced that they did not collect the film and asked for losses of several crores rupees.

But nobody opens the door when it comes to profit. If the sound of the film is a profit, the noise will not be heard out and the same loss will begin to disseminate the audio of the distributors in a VATS-up group within a few days. Until then, will the sympathetic character be with the fans...?

Ajith's disclosure has been reported to have collected 100 crores in 3 days of release.

Actor Ajith's performance in the last 24th of the film has been mixed reviews. The budget of the Rs 120 crore budget was grossed over Rs 33 crore across the world on the first day of release. Kabbali broke the scoring of the film in Chennai. 17 crores has been collected across Tamil Nadu.

The second day, around 66 crore rupees on the whole world has earned more than 100 crores on the 3rd day of the day, according to critics. Especially the United States, Malaysia, China, Australia. 1800 crores in the UK