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Salem student innovation: Earth Quake Instrument

Salem: "In 2015, 8,900 people died due to the earthquake in Nepal. The earthquake that was centred on the Indo-Nepal border in 2016 was felt in many parts of the state of Uttarakhand. When earthquakes were stormed by the earthquake, the objects were shattered.

Do not you know what the earthquake is, the unknown boy, Sagittarius? That's a great question. Student Dhanush approached Sujatha, a government school teacher with this question. We can not control the earthquake of earthquake but can create a system that feels inconvenient in the earthquake, preventing future danger.

It is necessary to know about the Richter scale, "said Sujatha, a teacher. He also went to the Salem Collector office and made clear the functions of the cinematography tool to calm the earthquake.

Dhanush, who has noticed it, has created a system that delivers the earthquake in advance, after 6 months of effort. His innovation in the 7th STD is now surprising scientists at Salupalu Union, nepalaparayam panchayat nearest college near Coonamapuram.

Dhanush said, "I have created this system to realize the small vibration of the earthquake. The basis for this machine is the Richter scale of chemographography. The GPRS chip transforms the vibrations at the Richter scale to the electromagnetic waves.

The chip attached to the cell phone tower absorbs the electromagnetic waves and alerts the earthquake. The message is sent to mobile phones in the tower. It sends all cell phones and text messages to the earthquake. As cell phones have become part of life now, people in the region can predict the earthquake by early warning. You can also protect yourself and escape from danger.

At first I saw this system at a scientific exhibition at the district level. It is a happy occasion that the headmaster was rewarded with the help of Murugamahi at the state level scientific exhibition. “Dhanush recounts his goal of finding future instances of scientists to create and protect the natural disasters of the people. Dhanush father is Senthil Kumar Tank operator. Mother is a member of the Commission. It is noteworthy that Anna Dhanraj is studying 8th grade.