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School Education Minister Chengottiyan

School Education Minister Chengottiyan said that education will be introduced in the field of education after reading.

Speaking at Kopi in Erode district, he said that many private engineering colleges in Tamilnadu were closed due to lack of jobs.

Change in education sector for immediate work

The Cold War lasted for the last three months between the School Education Secretary and Education Minister Chengottiyan. Udayachandran has replaced the IAS officer with the reduction of his power by the School Education Minister Chengottiyan.

However, the reforms initiated by Udayachandran have been in the early stages. Will reforms happen anymore? Will changes in schooling? The question is what will be the future of the students.

Initially, Jayalalithaa was the driver of the election process, the second leader and the AIADMK headquarters secretary. In 2011, when the Jayalalithaa government was appointed, he was appointed as Agriculture Minister. The Department of Agriculture has been shifted to the Department of Commerce and Industry when he was worried that it was the right product.

However, Jayalalithaa dispatched her husband and son to file a complaint with Jayalalithaa in order to complain that she should be completely changed for six months. However, Chengottai was removed from the post of minister and post of the chief secretary's office to complain to Jayalalithaa that there was no change in his action. After that, he had not been able to attend the party work. In this situation, after the death of Jayalalithaa, Edappadi became minister of school in the Palanisamy cabinet

Upon his promotion, Udayachandran, who was already known for bringing changes in the Tamil Nadu State Employer Examination, was brought to the IAS as Secretary of School Education. During the last six months in Tamilnadu, there were no major activities in the field of education, and the school education department released a number of announcements. Udayachandran has been successful in trying to make a difference in the school education field and in the process of clearing the stain after his name,

Udayachandran spoke to school teachers, "Two eyes are watching you from the fortress. Therefore, do not hesitate to let me know any problem you have. " It gave a new impetus to the teachers. Udayachandran activities received praise among the public and opposition parties, besides school teachers. These compliments have created the ego in the mind of Minister Chengottiyan.

Meanwhile, Udayachandran has brought some guidelines for teachers in the field of education. Only teachers were transferred based on these guidelines. The long-term transfer of money has led to a teacher transition. This is a huge amount of recession. Udayachandran IAS After the education sector, money was banned. Udayachandran, who has been in the position of profit as soon as the profit, was in the end of the transformation of the department of education minister Chengottiyan.