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“Harvey Storm", catastrophic in the United States ... weather centre forecast

The 'Harvey Storm', which has been formed in the south-eastern part of the United States, has been warned that it wills disaster when it crosses the border.

The Harvey Storm, which is formed in the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, has been strengthened. This storm is expected to cross the border today or tomorrow.

This storm will devastate the cities of Texas and Corpus Christi at a speed of 160-200 km. It rains up to 97 cm. The storm warns that the storm will be up to 12 feet tall.

The disaster warning has been issued because this 'hurricane storm' will create disaster. People living in the Gulf of Mexico have been evacuated and stayed in safe areas.

The school, college and offices are all housed. Moreover, power plants were closed. In 2005, the Florida State proved to be a major blow to the 'Wilma' storm.

This "Harvey Storm", which has been created 12 years later, has caused great fears for all.