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Tamilnadu can be build Dam in OOty

It is enough to stop the water from the water and move the drain.

Carnival will not be handed down. This is the expectation of Tamil Nadu farmers.

Now this demand has strengthened Tamil Nadu. At this time, the farmers are demanding to take steps to protect the water from the drought.

The request for the construction of the dam in Uthiram has been shocking Karnataka.

Tamilnadu youth are planning to take up this issue.

Now, the Tamil Nadu government understands that our water is in the form of water and we are looking forward to prosperity in the lives of farmers.

The capacity of the existing dams across Cauvery and the sub-rivers in Karnataka is 104.59 tmc.

In addition, the intermediate cauvery area and water can also be stored in 200 tmc water.

The Karnataka state does not give water to the Tamil Nadu when there are so many dams.
Carnatic is usually the only source of drainage by opening up additional water.
Even if the Karnataka government opened the water in Kaveri, it is customary for the farmers to fight water and prevent water.

In this situation, they can not leave the landscape in Tamil Nadu due to continuous rainfall in Karnataka.

Due to this, the KRB in Krishnagiri district, the dam is approaching its full capacity of 68.2 MMC.

Due to the rainfall, the dam has a water level of 2648 kW per second.

In the restaurants, they say that the loan will break love.

Whether the debt breaks or not, the only relationship that has broken the state relationship in this matter is realism.

Until now, the Government of Tamil Nadu has been told that the state government will have to pay only Rs 600 crore to the state government.

12 tmc krishna river water in the year to open water for Chennai's drinking water needs.

You did this but the contract was signed to share the cost of canal maintenance and development work with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

What is going to appeal to Tamil Nadu to breach the contract?

Not always 12 Tmc water supply

The water supply for this year began on July 1. But what did they do,

Water is not open to the Kandaleru dam water is not open.

But the real reason is now explained, the government has not paid Rs 600 crore to pay maintenance fees.

No matter what talk, Andhra did not release the balance.

Currently, the danger of drinking water loss in Chennai continues. Talking to open for Tamilnadu, Andhra is sure to open up if we give 600 crores.