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Edappadi Palaniasamy Still under Own Control

Dinakaran Team 19 MLAs are gave a letter to Vidyasagar Rao, the then Governor of Tamil Nadu, to withdraw support to Chief Minister Edappadi.

On the same day, DMK leader MK Stalin has demanded the governor through a letter saying that he has lost the state wing headed by Edappadi Palaniasamy and ordered the legislature to immediately vote for confidence. But the governor went to Mumbai without taking any decision.

Today (August 26) suddenly the governor is back to Chennai. 'DMK He is going to make a major decision about the demands he made, there is an expectation that he will order the state government to prove the Majority in the Tamil Nadu assembly. "In this case, MK Stalin has a 'check'

Gudkah and Drug Bakugas banned by the Government of Tamil. The DMK MLAs raised the issue on the 19.7.17 Assembly. Some DMK MLAs are the Gudgai and Baku packets were taken show to speaker Dhanapal.

20 DMK has shown that the Gudka parcels were shown in the assembly. They have collected the video and photo of the MLAs and the rights violation team has collected. "The political observers have assumed that the action could be taken and" suspended "for up to six months. In this period, if a referendum on the government of Edappadi will be defeated, it will fail. This account is a check for MK Stalin. "If the action is taken in the Gudka affair, we will legally meet". Stalin has announced.

First forgiveness

The Tamil Nadu cabinet headed by Edappadi Palaniasamy last February took over. Governor Vidyasagar Rao had ordered that he should prove the majority of his strength in the legislature. Following this, the Tamil Nadu assembly was held on February 18th. On that day, Edappadi Palaniasamy filed a decision to trust his cabinet. All party leaders spoke on that decision. There were heavy ramifications in the assembly.

At one point DMK The MLAs chanted and chanted Speaker Dhanapal's seat. The speaker's 'mike' was broken. Seven DMKs in this matter The MPs recommended action on the MLAs, which the Speaker recommended. The group's chairman and deputy speaker Pollachi Jayaraman and seven DMKs The MLAs also recommended the speaker to suspend six months. Meanwhile, DMK The leaders and the MLAs met with the speaker. A letter of forgiveness was given by the MLAs. The Speaker has abandoned the action on those MLAs.

Now why this check?

There are 114 MLAs in Ettapadi faction. 21 MLAs are in Dinakaran faction. If there is a situation where the government will have to prove a majority, some more MLAs need support. DMK If MLAs are suspended, the number of MLAs in the house will be reduced to 213. If the referendum is done, the demand for the government is only 108 MLAs. So, DMK It seems that the Speaker takes action on MLAs


What is the stand of Dinakaran MLAs in the franchise?

"There are a total of 17 people in the franchise, while nine MLAs have nine members and the group leader Pollachi Jayaraman have 10 MLAs in the Dinakaran faction. Six MLAs are six members, one Congressman, in the Gudka case, the DGP, DMK members If they are going to take action, the Dinakaran faction MLAs are going to take up the position of the two, and if they do not support the end of the government, the number of supporting members will be eight.

The number of A-number will be 9. When it comes to such a situation, the head of the franchise The final decision will be the final decision, "legal experts say. Furthermore, "The members of the committee may say, but in the final decision, the group leader Pollachi Jayaraman is in the hands." Accordingly, DMK The present situation is to ensure that action is taken on MLAs.

So there is another earthquake in the Assembly!