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The History of Ancient Tamils ​​in the Ramanathapuram District

The history of ancient Tamils ​​in the Ramanathapuram district is found in the Alangankulam. Archeology is taking place to display those trails with interesting information.

Excavations have been initiated following the evidence of ancient Tamils ​​living in Alangankulam in Ramanathapuram district. Over the past 30 years, the excavation work has been made of several rare historical tracks. The items, including tannery sculptures, elephants and earthenware, are found here

It has been discovered that they are about 2,000 years old when examined. Besides, these products also show the trade of Tamils ​​with the Mediterranean countries.

The braided hair with braids with sleek hooves that can not even enter head hair, demonstrates the art of Tamils. Besides the lack of idols in the 30 years of research, the people still worshiped nature.

Archaeology officials are taking action to showcase the history of the emergence of the Tamils' amazing lifestyle.

The Durga Dodda Sangam period is the largest treasure of the cosmic landscape in the area of ​​the Tamil Nadu State Archaeological Department that excavations in various parts of the soil is documented to the outside world. There are various subtle life elements including art, culture, culture, commerce, literacy and life.

According to the Archaeological Survey of the region, the Alangankulam village, which is under the Panchayat Union of Ramanathapuram District, was a famous commercial city of Sangam.