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Are Keeping Refrigerator in your kitchen? You will face very Big Trouble

Why you keeping refrigerator in you kitchen Room?

Every one is keep there refrigerator in kitchen only, Why I am not? Only I am have space in kitchen only. If keep I am keep refrigerator in kitchen only, I can cook food quickly and also avoid walking also. I can’t keep my Refrigerator in Bed room.

Before that we need to know, how refrigerator is working.


Refrigerator is also not running. Its Running, when inside cooling reduces to set temperature.


If LPG gases will leakage in kitchen room and Refrigerator will be reacting as Time Bam. Time bam is blast with help of timer at set time. Refrigerator is also working with help o timer and temperature sensor? When light switch will ON at LPG gas leakage, big fire will happen. Same think will happen at the time your are keep refrigerator in kitchen

What Do at LPG Leakage?

  1. When at LPG GAS LEAKAGE open your house window to LPG gas to go outside.

  1. Don’t switch ON lights

  1. After fire happen inside house due LPG GAS, When don’t keep open your house windows. Its lead to more fire. After fire your keep open your house window your get more oxygen to fire .When we are cant control the fire.

  1. Don’t switch on Any electrical /electronically applications
  2. If you can take out the cylinder, take it out.

How to Avoid LPG Gas Leakage and fire

1. Replace Gas house yearly once

2. Need proper ventilation in kitchen

3. Please avoid for handling clothes for handling the hot utensils.