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The resolution that the appointments are announced by the daily at the AIADMK meeting would not be valid.

The 4 resolutions, including appointments announced by the daily, have been met at the consultative meeting headed by Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniasamy.

At the AIADMK headquarters in Chennai Royapettai, Edappadi Palaniasamy led by MLAs meeting was held. The Chief Ministers, Ministers and MPs and MLAs including Deputy Chief Minister O.Panniriselvam participated in the meeting which started at 10 am.

While AIADMK MPs and MLAs were invited to attend the meeting, only most MLAs from Kongu area participated. Only about 70 MLAs have been reported to attend the meeting because of the absenteeism of the MLAs and the delayed absenteeism of the MLAs.

At the meeting, 4 major decisions were passed. As the Election Commission had not yet approved the appointment of the AIADMK general secretary, the decision was taken that the dismissal and appointment of the day-old administrators appointed by Sasikala was not valid.

The resolution also states that the daily has no right to remove executives appointed by Jayalalithaa. Our MGR Newspaper and Jaya TV Resolutions were also taken to ensure that legal action would be taken to ensure that Jayalalithaa acts as a reputation, and that the party and the committee should be convened soon.

Similarly, MGR. As the centenary ceremony is celebrated, the decision to operate the party and rule in the future has been fulfilled with the system.

4 resolutions were passed at the MLAs meeting at AIADMK headquarters. Ministers Jayakumar, Thonamani, and CV Shanmugam accompanied by the copies will go to Delhi tomorrow.

Deliberate copies of the Election Commission in Delhi and formally inform the two teams of the Supreme Court. The Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister will be forced to withdraw complaints from each other in the Election Commission. Moreover, ministers have travelled to Delhi to inform the Election Commission of the General Council as soon as the General Assembly is entitled to the general public.

Double leaf symbol is present their current comment on the appointment of Sasikala. A general committee and executive committee, with a majority of 3 thousand 200, 2,000 supporters may make decisions in the public committee.

It has also been reported that the decision to be passed in a public meeting is likely to be decided by the Election Commission, which has already been supported by Sasikala and Dinakaran. With ministers, MP Maitreyan and Manoj Pandian go along.

Declaration of the AIADMK as the Executive Committee on Sep 12

* Declaration of the AIADMK as the Executive Committee on Sep 12.

* The announcement will be made at 10.35 am at Srivara Mandapam in Chennai.

* Executive and General Council members are invited to participate invitably.

* Announcement has been issued in the name of AIADMK (Mother, Revolutionary Leader Mother).