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Dhoni will Play against Pakistan

Former head of the team's selection committee, MSK, was one of the most sensitive games in the last year's Asia Cup cricket tournament, which he was convinced of being unable to wave against Pakistan. Prasad has now made a gesture.

The World Cup match will be held in 2019. There is a debate about whether the Indian player will be eligible. He has been asked to prepare Rishab Banda for the World Cup instead.

In this case, MSK who is participated as a special guest at the Tamilnadu Sports Journalists Federation Conference. Prasad said, "Dhoni's sudden spinal muscular dystrophy involved in weight training in gym 2 days before the main competition. He was severely hurt. He fell down with the lightening tool. Medical assistance was immediately received. He was sent to a stretcher.

Competition against Pakistan is very important. It was also a favourable ground for fast paced delivery. Soon I went to Dhoni's room and went to see what happened. He said to me, 'Do not worry mkke boy'.

Should I replace a replacement player? Dhoni said, 'Do not Oori'. But I was not satisfied, and he arranged to send me to the chief selector Sandeep Patil. That evening, Parthiv joined Patel.

As per the rules of the Asian Cup we have to announce the team of players 24 hours ahead of time. I went back to see what was Dhoni's position. He said he was still playing. It is true that Dhoni does not even walk through the knee.

Again at 11:00 pm I went to Dhoni's room and he was not there. I went to the top of the hotel in Flore, where he was walking on a swimming pool. I was surprised to say how can I play the game so I can not even walk.

Dhoni said to me, "Do not worry, you have invited Parthiv without telling me. So you have come to safety. " Dhoni was ready to dance with uniform on the day she would dance. Then he called me to her room and why did you care so much? said. Then, against Pakistan, I will dance with a foot. Dhoni, who led India to victory last night. This dilemma is the subject of Dhoni's character. Prasad was excited.