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Anna University revaluation Analysis

Quite recently the revaluation results were declared by the Anna University, Chennai. Most of the students were not satisfied with their semester results and thus they had applied for the revaluation. Many are not yet satisfied even now. The change they had expected in their marks when applied for revaluation had not turned out to be true. Expected results had not come for many. This leads to fewer placements. Some students had got arrears in the sixth semester. As this semester is the last semester results considered for placements tragic had truck many. Papers were not cleared even when applied for the revaluation which became a turning point for many.

Top companies like the Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, and many more companies demand more from the candidates who appear for campus interviews. Where as these semester results and the revaluation results of those, play a vital role among them.

The reason behind the strict evaluation of the papers can be analyzed in different perspectives. First, as there are many Engineering graduates being graduated from various parts colleges of Tamil Nadu; it becomes tough to make selections of best among them. It is even tougher to select the best when there are many who can be the best. So as to keep a check, the Anna University has made the evaluation to be conducted in a tougher scale. Students have had a lot of critics about these evaluations and its result.

This strategy chosen by the Anna University is the best in the point or view of placements. As it filters the best and makes the top companies like Infosys, CTS, etc., easy for recruitments. But some talents are not recognized. Marks alone can never decide the capabilities of the students. Students should take up the exams seriously in order to obtain high scores and be recruited in top companies to expose their talent. So how do students face the results? The outcomes of the Revaluation results are in favor of the students only when there is confidence in the student applying for it. Sometimes these results also decide the ranks in which the colleges take up in Anna University. Candidates think that sometimes it’s a mere waste to apply for revaluation, since the fees of each paper for reappearing is less than that of the cost of the revaluation fees.

But this has experienced mixed reactions from both the students’ side as well as from the faculties’ side. The faulty of the Anna University are pleased whereas the students and the faulty of the affiliated colleges are not pleased as they met few downfalls. The companies recruiting the students are also satisfied as there job of filtering is made less, and placements made easy for them and not for the students. Tough time though it has been and it will continue to be for the Engineering pursuing candidates, they are expected to be challenging and also tougher. Hence this is also done to set the academic standards of the colleges affiliated under the Anna University, so that the education level may be up to the mark when in comparison with the Indian Institute of technologies in India.

What is the need other than selecting the best candidates is that the companies look for persons who are skilled and trained in many aspects within their field of engineering (ex: cse , IT). An engineer needs to identify the constraints, research the crisis, and should be able to develop possible solutions with prototype. The companies are mainly searching for candidates who are already trained instead of they training them in which the time constraints could be minimized. So making the syllabus tougher can solve these shortcomings. The candidates should strife to face the challenge by first aiming higher grades in the university exams. By clearing all papers in the first attempt and by using the revaluation system to get grades which would bring up their cumulative grades points more for their satisfaction.

Sometimes the fault also lies with the faculty of the colleges. They must adapt to new modes of teaching for the tougher world of competitors. They are the ones who are, and should be responsible for molding the students and make them fit to face the tougher world. The revaluation results are sometimes also delayed. Few candidates’ result pages are never updated. A university with much influence should be able to settle its technical problems and update the results, may it be with change or without change in their marks. This revaluation system must be benefited for the students in the right perspectives and they must be brought in the light of events of the “Today World”, the changing and challenging world. They must be ready to accept the change because engineering deals with a lot of changes in itself (technologies) and be fit for the change.