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OPS and EPS Joint together, when deepa and Madhavan?


Ops was Came out from ADMK.,EPS became CM of Tamilnadu. Now two team are joined together.

Now TTV Dinagaram separated rom ADMK with 20 support MLAs. Now All MLAs are stay in star hotel, Sa me happen 6month before , All MLAs are stayed at Khuvadthur restart.

Deepa All claim right For ADMK symbol two lever election commission.

Now Deepa plan at party (ADMK J DEEPA) meeting at 28/08/17.

A Vacancy arose in the Legislated assembly o the state o Tamilnadu with Elect rom the 5th December 2016. Due to decide o the member o the house, J.Jayalalitha elected rom 11-Dr Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly constituency & in order to ill ahead vacancy the election commission of India.Deepa try to became the MLA in Rk Nagar, But Election commission cancel the election last day beore election date.

Deepa was entering inside of Veedha Illam on 2 months back; Clime owner for property is Deepa and her brother Deepak. She entering in side the house and remove Sasikala photos and kept J.JAYALATHA photo.

Deepa husband start part name of MJDMK at 21/04/17.Deepa told that Madhavan supports TTV.Dhinakharan.

After Deepa and Madhan was separated. Now EPS and OPS jointed. When Deepa and Madhavan ?