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Article #4

Life Cycles of Butterfly

A butterfly laid eggs on the greeneries of a houseplant and forest plant. These eggs small door and young ones twisted larva or caterpillars come out of the eggs

The caterpillar first feeds on the covering from which it is born. It then starts feeding on the leaves and starts to grow.

The caterpillar sheds its spin several times so that it ean grow. Once the caterpillar is big enough it stops eating. It then forms a protection layer around itself. This stage is called chrysalis. In this stage, the caterpillar is now called pupa.

The pupa remains motionless in the chrysalis inside the chrysalis, the pupa undergoes a series of changes. After about 15 days, a beautiful adult butterfly emerges out of the chrysalis. When the butterfly comes out, its wings are small and wet

The butterfly pumps fluids into its wings to make them strong and to expand .After a few hours the wings become strong enough and the butterfly is able to fly .