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2.0 Movie

25th August 2017 Released, Making video of 2.0.

This video is start with Name of LYCA Productions. Loading percentage is running rom 0% to 100%. Next Title is comes THE MAKING OF 2.0.

Director Sankar is seated in chair at one set..

In set one team is planning at centre of road ..

Camera is rolling around the set, Two Lorries are fastly moving in this road. Same set make its as portable mini one also. Number robots are there like Enthiran movie

Its show in screen, from the direction of robot sivaji the boss. Sankar is specking in mic shooting place. Sankar walking step looks lovely

Next scene, movie making one play ground. More than 100 peoples fight on boundary of the ground.

Super star Rajinikanth name comes in screen, Rajinikanth in screen. He loveable and smart and young

Akshaykumar name comes in screen, Akshaykumar is standing play ground.

AR Rahman name comes in screen, Rajinikanth, Akshaykumar and AR Rahman meeting in set.

Amy Jackson name comes in screen; Amy Jackson is in red colour dress. She is cute.

Super star Rajinikanth and Akshaykumar heads are moulding to robot head. Head is fixed to robot.2.o making vedio is amazing, All Rajinikanth fans are eagerly waiting or movie release.

One person is making militarily vehicle. Its same vehicle made in screen .

Rajinikanth is cute in this movie. 2.0 making vedio is have more fight making vedio.Rajinikanth ans treat or this year two film are up comes. There are 2.0 and Kaala.

In this vedio with hour, its viewed 54k .

This movie is written by : S.Sankar , B.Jeyamohan.

Cinematography Nirav Shah

Edited by Anthony

Akshay Kumar is commented twitter : “ Not just a film but an experience of life time “

Its all agreed massive combo movie. It will break box office records.

Rajinkanth is age of 67 looks like 27 in this movie.

2.0 movie posters were released on Dec 2016.