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Today Bigg Boss

Today Bigg Boss Review is Released, In this past week eliminated Harthi, Julie, Bharani and Sakthi came to stage.

Kamal ask: any one there to come?

Auditions: Oviya!!! Oviya!!!

Raiza Bigg Boss Raiza Eliminate with Tears In a different manner.

The rule is that the weekly rate of Bigg Boss’s home should be evicted. So far 8 people are out.

This week's Elimination List includes Vyapuri, Snehan and Raiza.

For the last 2 weeks, Raiza, who earns more disgust with the people, wants to leave this week. Raiza has also left.

Before the exit, a shocking short film involving Aarav and Snegen is broadcast.

Usually when a competitor leaves out, he will pass through other competitors. But in the case of Raiza has been different.

He is said to have been summoned to the Cabinet Room and is said to have been pulled out of the rear without knowing the other rivals. This is not why.