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Saami Khurami Ram Rahim

It has been reported that his supporters had been ordered to unleash violence before Saami Khurami Ram Rahim was declared guilty. The Panchkula court in Haryana announced yesterday that it was convicted in the case of Saami Khurami Ram Raheem Singh. The number of casualties has risen to 36. More than 250 people are being treated in various hospitals.

The soldiers and central security forces are concentrated in the Dera Chacha headquarters in Sirsa. Around 4 thousand people who were staying in the ashram were gradually evicted. So far, 36 Dera Chacha centres have been sealed. 524 people have been arrested in connection with the violence.

Meanwhile, Panchkula Police Commissioner Chawla said that Friday's violence was planned by the Kurmi supporters. He said that the supporters had already been informed by the telephone and SMS to come to Panchkula and that he was ordered to be ready for violence.

Chawla said that this information had been disclosed by the Qumit supporters from various districts, which intercepted the phones. The police commissioner also said that supporters had been advised to remain outside the court if they went into the court and were involved in violence.

Haryana state security has been further stepped up as it will be announced tomorrow for the juvenile's conviction in the Rohtak jail. CBI inquests Judge Jagatip Singh will go to Roddak by helicopter tomorrow. A temporary court room is set up in the jail premises where the judge is to be sentenced to the court.

The prison authorities have said that they are also offered to other prisoners in Rohtak prison. They said they had been sleeping at night before yesterday and yoga for an hour.

When riots broke out in Haryana, violence erupted into the building and looted items. Durah Chacha Chaudhha Chairman Kirmid Ram Rahim was convicted in the rape case yesterday.

The riots broke out in Haryana immediately after the verdict. At that time, the violence opened the gate of the locked building and looted the goods. Its CCTV displays are currently available.

Hundreds of trains and buses have been cancelled since Haryana and Delhi have been abducted by the supporters of Dera Chacha Chaudhha Ram Raheem.

Tens of thousands of passengers, including pilgrims who went to Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu hills, have been relocated to railway stations and bus stations.

Passengers were severely damaged because the trains did not run yesterday as a precautionary measure. Passengers were relieved because Amritsar was operated from Jammu to Delhi