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In this BIGG BOSS program telecasting in star Vijay TV. Star Vijay is very famous Tamil channel number one channel in Tamil industry.

BIGG BOSS program is telecasting in Monday to Friday in every night 9.00 pm to 10.30 pm.,Its Saturday to Sunday night 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

BIGG BOSS is hosting by Great Actor, Dr. Kamalhaasan. Its reality show, its hosting in some of other languages too. It’s also show in Hindi language. That show going 11th season. It’s going in Telugu and Kannada.

This show is started in June last week. Now going in near by 9th week successfully reality show.

In this show starts from 15 members. This game have more and more rules. 15 members in one house and can't come out from this house for 100 days.

All works are doing only by that house members. In every week end one member was eliminated. That elimination process starts from those housemates only.

In Saturday all housemates are nominate two members with correct reasons. And viewers voting that nominated members. Whose have lowest votes that person will be eliminated.

Finally which one is stand in that house that person will be winner in this season. And that house members address sell selected one leader. That leader only handles the all works.

And this main leader selects 3 sub leaders and split these all house works. Splits 3 team the 1st team is cooking team splitting that total members. 2nd team cleaning team and 3rd team is vessel washing team.

In first week totally 15 members. In each team have 5 members. And daily tasks give by BIGG BOSS. All members compulsory participate that daily tasks and complete successfully.

In Vijay TV BIGG BOSS selected 15 members are 1. Anaya, 2. Shree , 3. Kanja karuppu , 4. Sakthi , 5. Gayathri raguram, 6.Harthi, 7. Julie , 8. Vaiyapuri , 9. Snehan , 10. Oviya, 11. Namitha, 12. Aarav, 13. Raiza, 14. Bharani, 15. Ganesh.

That 1st week Snehan was a leader. And handles all responsibilities splits 3 team cooking, cleaning and vessel washing team. And then nomination process was congress next week and Anaya was eliminated.

Snehan is a greatest song writer. He did write above 3000 songs. And then he got biggest award for some song lyrics. The famous awarded film ‘Aadukalam’ song lyrics are written by Snehan.

He is honest man and lovable helping mind man. All housemates are liked Snehan. He is very well export in cooking.

And Anaya is very famous Tamil, Telugu actress. She first film in Siva manasula sakthi pair with actor Jeeva. That film was successful great comedy movie.

Anaya it good person and done other some Tamil movies. Next famous film is Nanban in ilayathalapathy Vijay movie.

Shree is an actor. He also acts some movies... in BIGG BOSS show Shree lives only one week. Then he likes to go out because uncomfortable feeling his health is not good so he went.

Net one is Kanja karuppu. He is one of the comedy actors. He introduced in Pitha Mahan movie his original name is karuppu and then movie name was Kanja karuppu. And then naane was changed in karuppu to Kanja karuppu.

Next one is bharani; he is one of the comedy actors. Introduced in Naadodigal movie in sasikumar film. Those movie comedies are very famous one, sentiment movie, and lovable movie. This movie show in reality in real life. One is the friendship based movie and he acted some other film.

Earthy is one of the comedy actresses. She actress many movies. She famous in Manawa milady dance show and she won the second prize. She acted pair with actor adieu and with Dhanush.

Next one is sakthi, he acted some movies. He is son of Paves. Next one is Gayathri raguram; she is one of the dance masters. Daughter of raguram dance master. And she acted some movies. She famous in Charlie Chaplain movie pair with parch diva master.

Next Julie, she is famous in jallikattu protest, she sounded very powerful and force, so she famous with people. So Vijay TV called Julie and give one chance to develop get skill. And she already acted two album songs, she working in hospital as nurse.

Vaiyapuri is a famous comedy actor. He acted above 100 movies. Acted with Rajinikanth, Kamalhaasan. So he enters this show and he is aged person in total member. He can't perform in all tasks as perfect.

Aarav is an advertisement model. He acted only one movie in Saithan as negative role. He acted mir than 3 advertisements add looking very good person. Raiza is a one of the model; she also acted one or two advertisement looking beautiful person.

Ganesh is an actor; he acted many movies as good role and as negative roles. He acted looking handsome man. His first movie is Abhiyum nanum. He loved anchor Nisha and married her.

Namitha is glamorous actress; she acted with sarathkumar as with heroin in 2 movies famous in all movies. And also acted side heroin role, guest role. Now she has no chance to act in cine field.